Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 World Trail Championships

I cannot express how thrilled I am to have been selected for the USA Trail Team headed to the Trail World Championships this summer!  The championship race will take place in Annecy France, on a technical 86km (about 54 miles) course featuring 17,000 feet of climbing. 

You can read all about the team and the race here...

(Racing at the 2013 World Trail Championships for USA)
For me, it was a long time dream to wear a USA jersey and represent my country in a World Championship event.  That dream came true in 2013 (twice) as I was selected for the 2013 World Trail Championships (50 mile race in Wales) and the 2013 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships (42km race in Poland).  It's hard to believe that I would get another opportunity, but I am honored to have been selected again.

(Racing at the 2013 Long Distance Mountain Running Championships for USA)
My 2015 training started on January 1st, and I've been working hard - with the faint hope of team selection motivating me through the cold mornings and snow covered trails.  Now that it's a reality, I have just over 3 months to push myself even harder.

I am incredibly fortunate that I have a wonderful, supportive group of training buddies who have been joining me for training runs, pushing me during my track workouts, and inspiring me to work hard.  I know that they will keep the pressure on so I arrive in France in top form.

(With some of my training buddies before a local road race)

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