Saturday, December 24, 2016

UltraRunner of the Year

There are many posts out there where UROY panelist describe their voting decisions, as it's a challenging decision to make!  How do you compare a top 10 finish at a competitive race such as Western States versus a win at other less competitive races?  How many other races to you need to win in order to make up for not racing (or placing well) at a highly competitive race?  If you run 3 truly outstanding results, is that a more impressive year than someone who had many solid performances? 

This year, I was honored to be asked to cast a ballot on the UROY voting.  I appreciate the trust that was placed with that decision - and understood the importance of this role.  I spent many training runs with friends having the debate over who had the most impressive year, and how to objectively rank these athletes.  I also spent hours culling through the long list of results that were provided to me - hoping these would somehow sort themselves into the 'correct answer'.