Thursday, August 28, 2014

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - Amy's UT4M Race Report

I'll admit it, I make some pretty dumb decisions.  As I look at it, I certainly have adventures in my life, as these dumb decisions often lead to epic adventures.  It turns out, the Ultra Tour des 4 Massifs turned into one giant epic adventure.

I initially signed up for this race when Brian was debating whether to accept his UTMB entry.  His first thought was 'Amy, I don't want to race UTMB if you can't race also', so I quickly found a race in the surrounding area that I could do.  The UT4M was a weekend before, and looked to be a similar style race - so I was hopeful to have a similar European racing experience.  The UT4M offered a 100-ish mile (~160km) race, which was a full loop around the mountains surrounding Grenoble, France.  There was a 50-ish mile (~80km) option that included the 2nd half of the loop.  Since our European trip would be mostly focused on Brian's race, I opted for the shorter, 50-ish mile race.

(Running in the fog, along the first ridge)