Friday, September 15, 2017

The Most Beautiful Marathon in the World - Jungfrau Marathon

I honestly hope that everyone has at least one friend in their life who inspires them, consistently encourages them and supports them, and at times suggests fun adventures that make you feel alive!  While I have surrounded myself by many of these type people, Karin George is one of these friends for me.  She makes every year's birthday a celebration for herself, where she aspires to have an adventure and truly live!  She flew around the world last summer to support me at UTMB (and even allowed me to puke on her shoes at mile 20!).  And she constantly responds to my emails with heartfelt responses, sage advice, and a bit of humor.  Everyone should have a Karin in their lives!

(Karin and I arriving in Zurich for Jungfrau Marathon)