Monday, July 21, 2014

Vermont 100 News

Both Brian and I completed our 6th consecutive running of the Vermont 100 Mile this past weekend.  We'll post our race reports soon, however it would be foolish to not acknowledge a few exciting pieces of news...

First, Brian had an amazing day, winning the race for the 2nd time.  Last time he won, he finished a minute behind the course record...and he wasn't going to miss it again.  This time, he lowered the course record by 6 minutes, to finish in 14:47! 

(The lone result of Brian on the finish report - note the photo was taken in the daylight!)
Secondly, the amazing RD for the last 6 years (every edition we have run!) is the super enthusiastic Julia (Hutchinson) O'Brien.  She's stepping down after this year, and I will be taking on the role of Race Director.  Those are some big shoes to fill!  I am pleased that the running community seemed very supportive of me over the weekend, and fortunately the race committee is amazing!  (And, as the new RD, I'll encourage anyone who was at VT100 to fill out the post-race survey, and feel free to contact me with any suggestions for the future.)

(Running my last VT100 for a while, but proudly wearing the 'future RD' bib)
Race reports to follow!


  1. Hey, great race out there Brian. Would you care to share your story on ultrarunnerpodcast? Please contact me. eric.schranz ((at)) ultrarunnerpodcast ((dot)) com
    Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Brian and Amy great runs for both of you! A huge congrats!

    Amy, Deb and I will gladly help you with the race by volunteering in some fashion. We've both run the race several times, but mostly back in the 90's. Oh and we're moving back to New Hampshire soon from NM. Can't wait!

    Rest up! On to UTMB!

  3. Steve - thanks on all accounts!

    We'll certainly take you up on the offer to help out...glad you'll be back in New England soon!