Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who is Running this Country?

One of my training buddies, Steph, is planning to run across the country next summer (2015).  As with all great ideas - she and I, along with several of our running buddies were enjoying some beer and nachos post-run many months ago.  Steph was saying that she really wanted to do a 48 hour run this spring to gear up for her run across the country, but couldn't find one that fit her schedule  I was likely on my second beer when I proclaimed that if she couldn't find a suitable race that we should just organize a run specifically for her (what we would call a 'fat ass event')...and thus the idea of her 48 hour run was officially born.

So, on April 4th - 6th (5pm to 5pm), Steph will be running laps at the Amherst High School track.  Her 48 hour effort is specifically aimed at supporting the Amherst Survival Center, where she volunteers...and also hopes to raise awareness on the value of food and the food insecurity that many in our country live with.  [Update - Steph's been a bit injured, and has unfortunately had to cancel this 48 hour run attempt.  She'll be rescheduling it in the fall, so look for info then!]

You can read more about her 48 Hour Run (as well as her 2015 cross-USA run), or learn how to support her efforts here:  http://www.whosrunningthiscountry.com/48-hour-run/

If you're in the area, I would encourage you to try to come out and share a few laps with Steph, or volunteer to be a lap counter or cheering squad during her 48 hour run. 

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